How to install the Sensorpro Facebook apps

This page contains the instructions for installing the Sensorpro Facebook apps.
First we'll install the signup form app and then optionally install the survey app.

If you don't have an account yet, click on the yellow button; it's free.

If you have not created a Facebook business page click here and then return to this page.
Here's a business page we like.
If you need help, please email support

Step 1: Add the email app to your page.

1. Ensure that you are logged into Facebook first.

2. Click here to start the installation process.

3. A prompt will appear on screen asking what page you would like to install the Sensorpro app onto. Select a page, and a blue button prompt you to "Add" or "Leave Application". Click the "Add" button.

4. The application is now installed. Before you can use it, you must configure it...

Step 2: Connect your Sensorpro a/c with your Facebook page

1. The application is now installed on your page, but you must link it to your Sensorpro account before you can use it. From your main facebook account, switch to the page where you installed the app (by selecting the page in the "Pages" section of the sidebar)

2. Assuming you are an Admin for the page, you should see an "Admin Panel" displayed at the top of the screen (if Admin Panel is not displayed, then click the Admin Panel button). Click the "Edit Page" button and select "Edit Settings" (circled below)

Important: if you do not see the Admin Panel or an Admin Panel button, then you are not an administrator for the page and you cannot continue. Either ask the page owner to make you an administrator, or ask them to complete the installation process.

3. At the top of the screen, click “More”, and "Apps".

4. You will see the “Newsletter Signup Form” listed as one of your installed apps. Click on “Go to App” to configure the application.

Bonus Tip: You can click “Edit Settings” to change the App Text from “Join Email List” to something else!

5. On the next screen, you need to enter your Sensorpro organisation code (this is the first value you enter when you’re logging into

6. Click OK, and your signup form is now active. You should see the following message at the bottom of the screen:

7. Navigate back to the page that you added the App to. You will see the “Newsletter” link (see Step 4 above for how to rename it!)

8. As it stands, your form now looks like this:

PS You will be able to create a segment in your a/c that can send an email to only those contacts who signed up from Facebook.

Step 3: Customise the app to match your brand

You can rebrand the signup form to include your own company logo. Here is how to do it:

1. Log into your account on

2. Click “Admin” / “Edit Organization”.

3. Click the “Custom Messages” tab.

4. Scroll down to the “Customise Register Contact Page” section.

5. Use the design panel to add a logo and/or custom text.

6. Click the Save button () to save your changes.

7. The signup app on your Facebook page has been automatically updated. Go to your Facebook page to see how it looks now...

Step 4: Add the Survey app to your page

1. Ensure that you are logged into Facebook as your Admin account and not logged into a Page.

2. Click here to start the installation process.

3. A prompt will appear on screen asking what page you would like to install the app onto.
Select a page from the dropdown and click the blue button.

4. Now switch to your Business page, and you should see an Admin Panel at the top of the screen.
If you cannot see the Admin Panel you are not logged in as Page admin.
You should see this:

5. Then click the Edit Page drop-down and click Update Info
Then click Apps and you should see this:

6. Click Goto App. You will be asked for your Organization Short Code on
Click Save. You can select a list of surveys to run from the list.
Come back to this step at any time to change which survey is running on your page.

7. You can now run the survey from your page.
The text and image shown can be changed at any time by repeating Step 5 and click Edit Settings instead

If you need help, please email support