Our top twenty email design tips:

  1. Style sheets, either linked or in a <STYLE> section will not work in many email programs. Use inline instead. eg: <p style="font-family:verdana;font-size:12px;">Text here</p>
  2. We have numerous pre-tested templates in our designer that render correctly in all email programs.
  3. Background images will not work for most email clients. You can set background canvas colour in our designer.
  4. Javascript, Form elements and Flash will not work in most email programs (they will be stripped out, disabled, or in some cases may prevent the email from being delivered)
  5. Create a TEXT version of the email. In our email designer there is a second tab that allows you to create this. This will ensure better delivery, reduce your spam score and make it more readable on mobile devices.
  6. The width of the email should be 500-700px and centered
  7. Use the Snippets button in the content editor for pre-formatted calendar items, multi-column tables and snappy multiple image-with-text layouts
  8. When designing your HTML document the overall file size should preferably be no more than 100KB - 150KB
  9. Use strong headlines in the subject area to promote interest in reading the email. Use the recipient's name to address them, or put their name in the subject of the email. Make sure your brand is readily identifiable in the From address.
  10. Avoid using file attachments. Many will not be able to read them and ISPs will block bulk messages with attachments. Upload the attachment to the Images and Documents module and insert a link using the Content editor.
  11. People respond to incentives. Make your offer email exclusive and provide a discount or coupon code.
  12. Make it clear in your email what you want the reader to do next. Include a simple but attractive call to action. Include a Like button for your Facebook page and Share icon for Twitter and Linkedin. Our templates include this code or use the newsletter code from @addthis
  13. Use HTML tables with a container table wrapping up header, content and footer. Our designer is structured to make this easy.
  14. Donít use FLOAT as a means of laying out your email. Use SPAN tags instead of DIV tags.
  15. Yes you can create an image email! Use Photshop or Fireworks to slice up the image or PDF into multiple pieces and export as HTML (Example)
  16. Set the width on wrapper tables to a fixed pixel width instead of a relative percentage. This will ensure that your email will have a consistent appearance for all of your subscribers.
  17. Create the design with separate header and footer so that editors just need to change the middle content. Save your design as a template so that new emails conform to your design.
  18. If your email is already designed e.g. on Wordpress or is a link on your site, you can insert {url:http://yourlinkhere.com} in the designer and the content will be dynamically inserted at broadcast time.
  19. Use the free Outlook email rendering tool Works with Dreamweaver and Expression web. This ensures it will work with Outlook and thus many other email programs.
  20. And finally, include this email address with your test or seed list to create an email spam score. Don't forward or send the email using your desktop email program. It must come from the email platform! Then contact for your results.
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